Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Year 6 worked in groups to learn about the importance of calcium.

Seven groups were set up to allow the students to explore various aspects of cows, calcium, how the cow produces milk, how the milk comes to be in the shop, advertising the need to consume milk and creating a song about milk and dairy products. 

Here are the students researching and working on their tasks. 

These are the final products.

Group 1 - A Cow Mobile-20 facts about cows.

Group 2 - Flow Chart - How Do Cows Produce Milk?

Group 3 - Flow Chart - How Does the Milk get from the Cow to the Shops?

Group 4 - An Advertisement - Create a Magazine Advertisement for a Dairy Product.

Group 5 - A Song - Create a Song about Why it is Necessary to Consume Milk Products.

Group 6 - Menu - Create a Menu for a Day that contains Milk Products.

Group 7 - Create a Poster about Calcium in our Diets - Research the Facts.

The students now know so much more about the Legendairy Industry.

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