Friday, 24 July 2015

Launch of the Picasso Cow.

Today we launched The Picasso Cow idea to the students. 

Mrs Davis dressed up as a cow and explained the Dairy Industry initiative. 

She explained about the need for children to consume more dairy products.

Mrs Davis told the students that 'the cow' needed a name and so the competition is to name the cow.

Here is the presentation on you tube

She finished the presentation with this poem...

A name for our cow is what we seek
We will name her hopefully within the week
Our lady is white but we will need to Colour
With paint or paper so she is not duller
Picasso painted with colours so bright
We will need to colour her with all our might
What design we paint her is up to you kids
We will open the jars and take off the lids
Milk comes from the cow to give us fuel for life
If we drink it each day we will stay out of strife
Healthy bones are what each of us desire
To run and play games not sit and retire
The cow eats the grass then milk is created
Products are produced that are all related
The Australian dairy industry wants us to know
That we need to consume more dairy so we can be sure to grow
Cows say moo and this one is the same
Won't you come on board now and give this cow a name.

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