Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Year 1 learn about MOO Cows.

Year 1 students had a cowtastic lesson about cows.

This is what some of the students said...

“I learnt how to milk a cow.” - PJ Veleski

“I learnt milk makes yoghurt and butter and it all comes from a cow.” - Ashleigh O’Rafferty

“To make butter you mix the milk which turns into cream and you keep mixing it and it turns into butter.” Delilah Hicks

“Boys have 2 servings of dairy a day.” Jake Proctor

“Girls have 1 and 1/2 servings of dairy a day.” Madeleine Pulver

Enjoy these photos of the students in Year 1.

Some responses of what 1L learnt from their Dairy/cow lesson:

Mahalia – “Milk only comes from certain types of cows and chocolate milk does not come from brown cows.”

Steph – “If you do not have enough calcium then your bones are no very strong and they can break easily.”

Joel – “Milk from cows can be used to make cheese.”

Victoria – “Cows make milk and when you shake and shake milk for a long time you can make butter.”

Zach – “Boys need 2 serves of calcium every day.”

Fun times and heaps of learning.  

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