Monday, 17 August 2015

The design for Miss Mooriel Picowso

Many beautiful and thoughtful designs were presented to be judged.
The final design will be a combination of a few designs.

The background will be a combination of bright colours in the shapes that Pablo Picasso used in his cubist style paintings. The blank Mooriel will be masking taped so that the colours can be applied.

The head and the tail will be completed last and they will be realistic like a real black and white dairy cow Holstein-Friesian. There may be some bling added because ladies like 'bling'.

Mooriel's halter will be patterned with bones - representing STRONG BONES.

Each class will be responsible for painting one of the shapes on Mooriel.
School logo
Dairy Australia logo
Heart with strong muscles - ENERGY FOR LIFE
Collage of milk product wrappers or cut outs from magazine
Photos of the students drinking milk, eating yogurt and cheese on DAIRY DAY
FROM FARM TO THE PLATE - drawing represented
Cows eating grass

The udder will be checkered colours

The legs will be painted and patterns of bones will be added to them.

The hooves of Mooriel will be painted in an Aboriginal style to represent our school meaning. Inaburra means 'the dream'.

After the masking tape is removed, the lines will be painted black like roads and then we will add trucks going along the roads with the milk in them...

The board Mooriel is standing on will be covered in a knitted green plastic - out of recycled bags representing the grass.

As we get painting I am sure more ideas will arise. So excited for the painting. 

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